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April O'Neil
Wed Jun 28, 2017

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Comments: 11
Not My Type
Smokin\' Hot
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April has 11 comments
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Anonymous 7810 5 hours ago Report

you're a dirty little girl come to daddy

Anonymous 7618 11 minutes ago Report

creepy comment of the day goes to @7810

Anonymous 1661 8 hours ago Report

Ohhh my favorite pose #36 what a delightful vision as is #134. This AZ hot number is on fire with that red outfit #126 & #127 defining her wonderful bodylines and curves. Like the bra and boobs in #124, those look lovely and the underboob in #90 is a taunting tease. I think there is a nice quality about her that shows through in all her pictures, I would imagine she would be a fun time #27. In addition, that bum #23 looks delicious too. England007

Anonymous 5199 3 hours ago Report

April has filled out quite nicely since the last time she was featured here last time. A good example of ripening on the vine, which is apparent in her uncensored pics. She’s got some long, lean legs leading up to a nice tight booty. Top that with some just right t!tties and she’s got my turtle mutating. Do have to say I miss the glasses. It gave her a cuter look. Dr.

Anonymous 7207 6 hours ago Report

#36 freekin smokin! didn't this chick play on TMNT......weird but i don't remember her looking like this,

Anonymous 3049 9 hours ago Report

Love the shoes #28 - #31, the black flower print is nice too!

Anonymous 9434 10 hours ago Report

not bad at all

Anonymous 4652 16 hours ago Report

Where is the yellow jumpsuit?

Anonymous 0582 12 hours ago Report

left it in the sewer

Anonymous 7618 9 hours ago Report

Not that kind of April

Anonymous 5199 3 hours ago Report

Well it is June!

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