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Rita G
Wed Apr 25, 2018

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Rita has 21 comments
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England007 12 hours ago Report

Triple shot welcome Wednesday #76 #22 #62 hello hump day. Nice tanned bum #23, well in fact, a nice tanned everything #54 looking very hot for almost 40 with some very enticing natural boobs #57. Those tiny bikinis are her cats meow #79 puuurrfect pose

Anonymous 6107 4 hours ago Report

Natural? I think you need your eyes checked

Anonymous 4690 7 hours ago Report

no thanks

Anonymous 6172 9 hours ago Report

If I saw that at the pool, Id be pitching a tent....

Anonymous 2242 9 hours ago Report

best of the month

Anonymous 6029 9 hours ago Report

Really? Did you see any of the girls last week?

Anonymous 9743 8 hours ago Report

Not even close!

England007 8 hours ago Report

Will make the top 25 guaranteed!.

England007 7 hours ago Report

Well she does win "Best tan of the month" hands down #101

Anonymous 6214 5 hours ago Report

She's only guaranteed top 25 if the month ended today.

Anonymous 7982 2 hours ago Report

I don't think that's a tan.

Anonymous 8242 19 hours ago Report

very hot

Anonymous 4741 3 hours ago Report


Anonymous 3602 10 hours ago Report


Anonymous 5750 12 hours ago Report


Anonymous 5750 12 hours ago Report


Anonymous 6568 12 hours ago Report

Jeez Laweez, I'm going to need a gallon of oil, I have alot of work to do!

Anonymous 7571 13 hours ago Report

so fine!!!!

Anonymous 8795 32 minutes ago Report

This hottie aught to be in movies

Anonymous 9622 43 minutes ago Report

latino hot would love to ride that float and wax that bum allnight

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